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We build commercial strategies based on scientific research WITHOUT upsetting your company, EVEN IF you don’t have time and are denied.
Your sector and your company are different from all the others and for this reason we are the only ones who apply scientific research to sell.
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Invisible competition:
the secret that many ignore

According to data from the European Union and Bloomberg, Italy is less competitive than Northern Europe (in purple) and European innovation is lower than China and the USA. Most European companies lose revenue to their competitors every day.

Do you have a growing business?

70% of companies close before 10 years of activity and only 1 start up in 10 is successful. This is a problem that affects you and your customers too. 

Do you earn more than last year? If the answer is “No” or “I don’t know,” you are suffering from competition

To beat the competition and stay competitive, you need to increase your profit every year.

And what do companies do instead because “it’s always been done this way”??

They don’t stand out from their competitors

They look for customers without strategy

They write to info@ or make cold calls

They hope for marketing agencies

They rely on inexperienced consultants 

“We’ve been around a long time” and they do nothing

You were disappointed by the promises
of some consultant?

Here’s how to recognize the “experts” who promise results and will remain just words:

They rely on experience

They show you the rich lifestyle

They use a “copy paste” method

But the results aren’t there because your industry is different and these consultants have experience-based skills that don’t apply to your company.

Some people think they don’t do anything because “it doesn’t happen to me anyway” but that’s not the case. Customers look for the best solution at the lowest price every day and your competitors work tirelessly to steal your customers.

Discover this new revolutionary method: +40% in 6 months (scientifically proven)

2016, Harley-Davidson every year has an excess of unsold motorcycles in a given seasonal period.
Using data analysis, scientific research and artificial intelligence (AI), in just 6 months it achieved a +40% increase in sales attributable to the activity carried out.
The protocol followed is the same one we apply every day.

Another research conducted by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) shows that collaboration between robots, artificial intelligence and humans leads to up to +85% of company performance compared to single automation.

Anyone who doesn’t guarantee you this level of quality blames their mistakes on you. We are the first and only ones who collaborate on a stable basis with:





Ai experts

Former military

Think about how your business would grow if you could magically generate a constant flow of interested prospects.


On January 1st you will know how much you will earn on December 31st of that year. You will finally be able to live your life peacefully without the fear of the crisis that is always around the corner.


You no longer have to worry about expenses and where the next customer will come from. Think what a relief!

But all this won’t happen in your company if you decide to let yourself be eaten away by the competition, to turn to amateurs or to do nothing at all.


Continue ONLY if you want to change your results.

Do you want to know why I do it?

Since 2010 I have been traveling around the world gaining global entrepreneurial experiences. From London to Mozambique, from Romania to Spain, from Portugal to the USA. I love finding new business opportunities.In 2016 I founded and discovered that the competition SELLS SMOKE to the unwary.

I start studying marketing and sales to understand how to better communicate what I do.

I take courses where they teach me that “if I believe I can do it” but it doesn’t work.

I read books and hire consultants only hitting dead ends.

I hire a marketing company that even makes me risk being sued.

I apply everything I learn step by step and it doesn’t work.

I rely on those who have had results but without success.

I choose who promises me refunds and I discover that the guarantee is false.

I follow those who say they have made it and have important testimonies: it’s all made up.

Then I get scammed by a friend who claims to be a marketing expert.

I have to start all over again. Again.

After a moment of discouragement I start again:

“Is it possible to have mathematical certainty of sales results through science?”.

With perseverance, I get closer to the answer, studying, analyzing and following the research of the best universities in the world.

I gather a team of experts in various fields and apply everything. WORKS! From those solid foundations SCIENTIFIC BUSINESS STRATEGY was born.


The first 100% scientific selling method, born in the USA and now available for the first time in Europe. Discover the results that other entrepreneurs have already achieved before you.

Our TrustScore is 1 point above the category average.

Video case studies


Our method is simple:

Phase 1

Definition of objective and individual phases

Phase 2

Data analysis and scientific research

Phase 3

Application of the scientific strategy

Phase 4

Process testing and optimization

Phase 5

Customer acquisition and market share

100% NO RISK: we are the first to give you the guarantee on our TOP service. 


Scientific Acquisition: we guide you in creating your strategy for old and new customers.

TOP customer acquisition

TOP customer duplication

Destruction of competition


Business Intelligence: We find legal business data on whoever you want. WE DO EVERYTHING.

Decision maker analysis

Competitor analysis

Collaborator analysis


Scientific Management: You have our team remotely, without  hiring. WE DO EVERYTHING.

Technological innovation

Business strategy

Marketing and sales


Scientific Web Agency: we optimize your message with science. WE DO EVERYTHING.

Site creation and management

Communication management

SEO and digital marketing


We can do all this and much more WITHOUT any changes to your company and WITHOUT specific skills on your part.

Contractually guaranteed results

No hidden costs

Results in less than 30 days

The call is a simple informal chat where we understand together the objective you want to achieve, the situation you are facing and what prevents you from achieving this result independently.

Based on this data we find the best strategy for you, based on scientific research, AI and big data available today. If you need some simple advice you can apply our strategy independently and totally FREE.

However, if you need support or the situation is more complex, let's see if there are the basis for collaborating together.

We never make you commercial offers unless YOU ask for it.

We are an American company. Despite this, if the law of the country where you have the company allows you to deduct the normal expenses of carrying out your business, you can certainly deduct our costs too.

If you need some simple advice and the identified strategy can be applied without our support, you will continue your journey independently.

If, however, with your agreement there is a need for further information on our part, we will arrange a new free meeting.

Company choices must always be shared with all team members. For this reason we always recommend the presence of all decision makers.

The absence of a member always causes a lack of important information, especially in such a dynamic environment as ours.

We will still make the first call with you but with respect for the members of your team, for the possible second meeting the presence of all decision makers will be mandatory.

We accept payments in Euros and Dollars. It is also possible to pay us depending on the services requested by bank transfer or digital payment card.

More customers and more sales with science or it's FREE: that's our promise. We have different services depending on your needs and the most complete ones offer this type of risk-free guarantee.

During the call in which we sign the commercial agreements we can guarantee the turnover that can be generated with the strategy we created and the necessary time. If for any reason we do not achieve the agreed results together, we will continue to follow the company completely free of charge.

Obviously, being an intangible service, it is not possible to request a refund without prejudice to compliance with current laws.

After starting the collaboration together, we will put you in touch with the reference managers for your specific situation who will always be available through normal digital communication channels.

We usually maintain very punctual communication, defining who does what, how and by when.

Before delivering the service, we need to create a custom project which incurs significant costs in terms of expertise and digital tools. Have you ever heard of Linvo, Prospectss, or MarketerMagic?

You won't hear about them anymore: they're among the tens of thousands of software programs that disappear every month due to legal updates or changes in some platforms. In some cases, the tools change ownership or prices (we experienced a sudden sixfold increase overnight).

Prepayment allows us to guarantee the service to you (even at a loss). Otherwise, we would have to raise costs for you during the project, or it wouldn't be feasible for us to continue.

In Europa si fa poca ricerca e sviluppo. Noi siamo specializzati proprio in questo portando il meglio della ricerca scientifica nelle aziende. Le cose cambiano DAVVERO da un giorno con l'altro. Spesso vediamo aumentare i costi e non vogliamo scaricarli sui nostri clienti.

Le aziende che vogliono agevolare la concorrenza perdendo tempo e chiedendo preventivi, possono rivolgersi altrove.

Investment guarantee: what will happen by applying SCIENTIFIC BUSINESS STRATEGY?

More sales every month

Only targeted TOP customers

Goodbye to time-wasting customers

You’ll stop with the “I’ll think about it”

No more profit uncertainties

Do we boost your business?

“Yes Morris, you convinced me. I want to make the call with your manager without obligation.”

Contact us to let us know about your project. This is NOT a sales call. We will create your scientific strategy together. Here’s what we will do together for you for FREE:

We will find your enemy

We will understand how to defeat him

We will understand the solution 

We will do all this together for FREE.

The first Company 0 surprises exclusively for you

Together with scientific research we use many innovative digital tools including Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Look at this image, it is the growth projections of our industry according to It will reach $2.745 billion by 2032.

This means that the costs of our services are set to increase. Despite this, we protect our best customers as much as possible. The earlier you start, the more you save and the more you gain ground on the competition.

In these other images, however, you can see the complexity of the Facebook algorithm (at least in its known part).

This algorithm keeps changing unpredictably. The same goes for all the tools we use.

Understand that those who have the “I’m thinking about it” or “Give me a quote and I’ll let you know” attitude are already heading for failure.
Every new strategy always rewards the first.

There is no room for number 2s. Let’s hope you are the pioneer in your industry and not someone from your competition.

Due to innovation and scientific research, our costs are difficult to predict and vary over time.

To avoid unexpected additional costs, our commercial proposals are valid for a few days and we don’t waste your time with useless quotes.

We are not for you if:

Do business in countries under US embargo

You’re just starting out and you’re making little money

You know you will put off making any decisions

You need a written quote

You think “No one does things like me”

98,7 %

Customers totally

330 M

The profit generated
from our customers


to the platform

Do we boost your business?

“Yes Morris, you convinced me. I want to make the call with your manager without obligation.”

Contact us to let us know about your project. This is NOT a sales call. We will create your scientific strategy together. Here’s what we will do together for you for FREE:

We will find your enemy

We will understand how to defeat him

We will understand the solution 

We will do all this together for FREE.