Are you a professional? Want to make money while saving time?


The only mentoring path that allows you to increase profit even without increasing customers.
Discover the time-saving method created by professionals for professionals.

Become a productive professional up to 1000%

Are you a professional?

Want to make money while saving time?


The only path that is exclusively dedicated
to the productivity of the professional,
increasing profit
and reducing working time.
Created by professionals for professionals.



of productivity the first month



of profit in a year



of time at work



of profit in 10 years

Have you heard of PRODUCTIVE PROFESSIONAL yet?

Find out how to revolutionize your profession and increase productivity by up to 1000%. The first productivity book for professionals is on Amazon!


Because no one teaches us to be productive and for this reason we waste up to 70% of professional time on useless or harmful activities. Because by becoming more productive we can increase profit up to 202% in one year and 1000% in 10 years.

Professionista produttivo fa per te se sei:

A professional

A freelancer

“Where do I find the time to do that too?”, “I work a lot and in the end I earn little”, “Today I didn’t do enough”, “I would like 48 hours in one day”, “How can I pay for that too?”, ” I’ll do it myself first”, “I’m tired, I can’t take it anymore”, “I never have time for myself”.

These are just some of the phrases repeated by the thousands of professionals who have already turned to us: the love of one’s work becomes frustration and stress. In a world that changes rapidly and constantly distracts us, it’s increasingly difficult to keep focus on the activities that really matter.

“Against all individualism and selfishness” but only you know what’s best for you.

“The rich are all dishonest” but there are many rich people who contribute to a better world.

“Money is the devil’s dung” but money also helps people in difficulty.

We are generally children of employees or professionals. We live in mid-range homes, sometimes rented but often owned or mortgaged. We earn on average between 25,000 and 60,000 euros a year. We change cars periodically and go on vacation at least twice a year, occasionally doing a long weekend. We professionals run all day without knowing why. We think that the busier we are, the more productive we are and it is wrong. We are convinced that “no one does things like I do” and this limits profits and free time.

Poor work-life balance (personal risk)

With PRODUCTIVE PROFESSIONAL you will find the lost balance

Limiting dogmas that prevent us from achieving excellence

With PRODUCTIVE PROFESSIONAL you will recognize them by eliminating them

Stress and frustration generated by poor time management

With PRODUCTIVE PROFESSIONAL you will discover how to ally yourself over time

Disrespectful customers who demean you by paying little and badly

With PRODUCTIVE PROFESSIONAL you will discover how to make yourself respected

Increasingly ruthless competition that lowers prices and service

With PRODUCTIVE PROFESSIONAL you will enhance your uniqueness

Uncertainty of the future (risk: local, sectoral and systemic)

With PRODUCTIVE PROFESSIONAL you will manage change

If you want to eliminate that suffocating sense of heaviness, if you want to reduce wasted time and stop getting carried away by events, if you want to produce ever better results by finding the balance between work and professional life, you need to increase your productivity.

Productivity is a skill that needs to be developed day after day because they don’t teach it in school

We usually think that to earn more you need to:

Raising prices

Increase customers

Work more hours

Take courses from successful discount stores

Those who do so quickly find themselves back where they started. You don’t have to work harder but you have to work better. It is useless to attend personal growth or marketing courses in the hope that our life will change. We have to start afresh from ourselves and from our individuality, giving space to the uniqueness that distinguishes us. We need to change our attitude towards work and life. Only in this way can we become more productive by saving time and increasing earnings.

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About us

Main source of reviews: Facebook. The testimonials of the professionals refer only to work experience with Morris and his team.

Maria Palazzolo

I’m Maria Palazzolo, lawyer and owner of a law firm. I approached the Sferya Method on the recommendation of a friend because I needed to increase my productivity. I could no longer manage the numerous professional commitments and the consequent responsibilities. All I did was chase time to the detriment of my turnover. Thanks to Dr. Morris Bottazzi’s suggestions, I learned to manage my time better, to delegate all those marginal and unproductive activities and my turnover increased by 20%.

Lorenzo Giaccardi

Morris is a great coach and trainer.
Surely one of the most suitable people to accompany change, also thanks to his intuitive, structured and also simple Sferya method. I highly recommend collaborations with him as I have myself. The results will emerge soon!

Luca Stefanizzi

Building contractor
I have all seen Doctor Morris’ videos and I must say that I have seen great changes: first of all I have regained the self-esteem that I didn’t have before. Then I got advice on how to increase followers on Facebook and Instagram managing to double them. I also improved my speech and started talking to people more. Things that I didn’t do before knowing the Sferya Method. I will continue to follow Doctor Morris’s Sferya Method. If you also want to improve yourself and have lasting results over time, follow Sferya and all the videos.

Isabella Caddeo

Tattoo artist
Hi, I’m Isabella, I’m a tattoo artist, I have a tattoo and piercing business, before the Sferya path I had difficulty making myself known to the public because I left things out, taking them for granted, thanks to the excellent advice, making small changes, I achieved extraordinary results, after just a month I boosted the business by increasing the number of customers and turnover by 10% thanks to Sferya.

Gennaro Mazzuoccolo

Osteopath & Personal Trainer
I’m currently a powerlifting competitive athlete […] Thanks to Sferya, I face every competition with a steady mind, where the body is in difficulty the mind enters, it’s like having an edge over the others, an ace up my sleeve. Of this method I appreciate its ability to become part of you while not being invasive. […] When I started I thought I didn’t have time to manage it, instead it quickly became an integral part of my training routine. I recommend this method to those like me who REALLY want to achieve goals. Sferya makes the difference.

Fabio binda

My name is Fabio, I am a professional in the tourism sector. I approached Sferya because I was no longer 100% satisfied with my career. I realized that I have the age (37), the time and the energy to still take many steps forward. However, I lacked some tools, some new ideas. With the Sferya path I realized that instead I had the tools, I have always had them, I had “ONLY” forgotten how to use them fully and not only that, I also learned to use some new resources. Thank’s Sferya.

Pietro Bitasi

Hi, I’m Peter, I’m a student. I’m here because I had a goal but I couldn’t achieve it. Thanks to Sferya I discovered how to do it and I achieved it. Thank you Sferya.

Tommaso Terenziani

Mental Coach
If you need to accelerate your results in life, the Sferya Method is a breakthrough. It is dynamic and goes hand in hand with the continuous flow and transformation of our time. Morris is a true professional, who accompanies you with confidence and demonstrates a great understanding of the human soul and the dynamics of society. Choose one of his courses and you’ll find out how to get out of the pack, how to really take flight.

Fabio Brentel

I recommend having a chat with Morris and his staff as he helped me so much to see things from a different point of view. I also followed his online suggestions in the form of video lessons on the method used (Sferya), they are very interesting and go to the core.

Davide Presutti

As a REVOO team we have done a comparison and team building work to manage the change due to COVID. The team worked in a positive way and came out motivated!

Fabio Salomoni

In the era of “everything and immediately” the sferya method offers a rapid approach and a valid accompaniment for personal change.

Giancarlo Zegarra

The path is clear and targeted. Let’s say that we get to the point unlike other paths that may be gradual. Instead with Sferya it makes you work immediately on the things you want to change in your life. Thank you.

Guido Oliva

Networker & Copywriter
I knew the person and not the Sferya Method. […] The Sferya Method is the key that starts the engine, the key that opens the door, the one that unlocks the mechanism, and the gears begin to flow, fluid.
Morris knows how to understand, and his thinking is liquid. His courses are intense and simple, effective and pleasant. I also call them cute. Because Morris is. And he passes it on to those who “play” with him, to those who “work” with him, to those who are committed. You are there, and you are fine. Then it ends and you have the results.

Simone Caroso

I have an advanced master practitioner of NLP obtained under the supervision of Richard Bandler, and I have attended courses with the most prestigious neurolinguistic programming institutions in Italy, including Ekis, Accademia dei Coach, and NLP Italy. Morris immediately impressed me with his knowledge of the subject. […] When I found myself “stuck” on a work problem, after realizing that I couldn’t solve it on my own, I thought of him. […] Throwing away my old limiting beliefs I was able to unlock the new me, and the results were already seen from day 10! Highly recommended!

Stefano Iattoni

Personal Trainer
The common problem faced by many advanced […] athletes is in fact the achievement of a condition of balance with the consequent “stalemate” of muscle growth/increase in performance which can be achieved with traditional methods and techniques of correct training and nutrition. I had already tried to get around the problem by experimenting with different techniques, […] I decided to turn to Sferya: I really appreciated the Sferya method which focuses above all on the personal growth of the individual […] advantages not only on the sports field/ performance but also on daily life and on personal health and well-being. The advantages found were an appreciable increase in well-being and positive feedback in training intensity […] I suggest you do as I do, i.e. embrace this method with positivity and confidence as the time dedicated to personal growth and inner reflexivity of an individual is always well spent and repaid: he carries no negative aspect as a pledge.

Matteo Lungo

SEO Digital manager
I had the pleasure of getting in touch with Sferya for an hour and I must say that she was able to give me and my colleagues excellent ideas on how to become more efficient in a smart working regime. Highly recommended.

Biography of Morris Bottazzi

Morris Bottazzi has always been passionate about communication and leadership. He began his professional career at the age of 17: he worked as a PR in various discos with the aim of supporting himself and being able to continue studying.

Then he works during the day, studies in the evening and does PR at night. He graduated with honors from the University of Siena in the health sector. He continued his work and public relations until he was 27 years old.

Then he discovers philanthropy and service to the most needy. Join the association that most fascinates him by reconciling work in the health sector and service.

In 2010, in the midst of the economic crisis, he applied the principles he discovered and in just one year he obtained a 202% increase in turnover, increasing profit by 4 times. He applies the same strategies in the philanthropy association of which he is president, obtaining equally sensational results: the number of members registered in the association doubles (+100%), the interventions on the territory triples compared to the previous year (+200%) and closes the financial year with a 20% increase in available liquidity. Subsequently he has work experiences in: Maputo (Mozambique), United Kingdom, Spain and Timisoara (Romania).

The work in the health sector remains until 2016 when he decides to move abroad after developing the S.F.E.R.Y.A.® Method. He often intervenes as a speaker in collaboration with various bodies. His philosophy of life is summed up in these words:

“I’m not telling you it’s easy, I’m telling you it’s possible.”

Being successful in life is very difficult and for this reason, in 2016 he decided to devote himself entirely to Sferya, helping professionals develop their productivity.

The contents of are for informational purposes only, containing the opinions and ideas of the author and do not replace medical or psychological treatments or advice on sports-food, legal, financial, fiscal or any other nature. The suggested methods are the result of experiences and studies but may not be suitable in certain situations. Anyone who decides to take any action will personally bear all responsibility deriving from the application of these strategies. If in doubt, consult an expert on the subject. The contents of Sferya are reserved for people over the age of 18. All rights reserved.

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